Biodiversity Management

From the first stages of quarrying, HeidelbergCement strives to protect the variety of animals and plants. Through the formation of open bedrocks during extraction, rare pioneer habitats are created, where plants and animal communities develop naturally. Appropriate reclamation actions finally contribute to the creation of a mosaic of specified biotopes from small ponds to forests.

HeidelbergCement is the first company in the industry to implement a guideline to promote biodiversity at its quarries, through consistent standards for reclamation and renaturation. All designated forms of after-use, such as the creation of nature reserves, farmland, forests or local recreation parks, are designated to conserve or even increase biodiversity. All of this is handled in an open dialogue with the company’s stakeholders (environmental authorities, nature conservation organizations, local communities, etc.).

The HeidelbergCement Biodiversity Guideline is compulsory for our operations in Europe. An adapted version serves as guidance document for our operations in Asia.