Akçansa organized a “Biodiversity day”

3 Apr 2014 | Akçansa Cement, Turkey, organised a “Biodiversity Day” on February 27, to highlight its materiality among other sustainability pillars and to increase awareness of its stakeholders.


High level representatives of national authorities, universities and NGO's are finalizing their votes

18 Mar 2014 | The 89 national jury members are currently assessing all 390 project proposals registered for the Edition 2014 of the Quarry Life Award. Their mission is to select 5 projects in each national contest to go to the next stageof the competition.

Saint Peters Mountain offers a spectacular view of the ENCI quarry

A spectacular view point over ENCI-quarry in Maastricht

13 Mar 2014 | At the beginning of last century, when ENCI started its activities to produce cement, a route linking Maastricht (NL) to Liège (BE) had to be interrupted due to the limestone extraction.


Thank you for caring!

3 Mar 2014 | After several months of promotion, dozens of University presentations and as many open days at our participating quarries, Quarry Life Award has received hundreds of great ideas to boost biodiversity. The next phase of the competition starts now.


Quarry Life Award Edition 2014: over 390 proposals to boost biodiversity!

3 Mar 2014 | The second edition of the Quarry Life Award launched by HeidelbergCement raised again strong interest from students and researchers. In 22 countries on 4 continents over 390 interested candidates submitted a project proposal.


Project registration deadline: 1st March 2014

28 Feb 2014 | The registration period to participate in the Quarry Life Award will end on 1st March 2014. To be eligible for the Edition 2014, all interested candidates must submit their project proposal by Saturday 1st March 2014 end of the day.

Svetlana Berzina

Ukraine announces its National Jury

27 Feb 2014 | Ukraine highligths the 7 jury members who have accepted the task to evaluate the participating projects in Quarry Life Award Ukraine.

Khatuna Gogaladze

Minister of Environment Protection of Georgia joins the national jury

27 Feb 2014 | The Minister of Environment Protection of Georgia, Khatuna Gogaladze, announced her participation to the national jury of Georgia for the Quarry Life Awards Edition 2014.

Gwen Kolb

Jury members for the contest in North America

26 Feb 2014 | For its first participation in the Quarry Life Awards, North America has set up a team of experts to evaluate the projects submitted in its national contest.

Hakan Gürdal

Turkey announces its national jury members

25 Feb 2014 | The National Jury members for the Edition 2014 in Turkey is now final. A total of 6 persons will review the project proposals submitted by interested candidates in Turkey.

Olivier Guillitte

Biodiversity experts form the jury of the Benelux competition

25 Feb 2014 | The Quarry Life Award has appointed biodiversity experts to evaluate the 5 selected projects of the Benelux contest.

Myrzagaliyeva Anar Bazarovna, Quarry Life Award winner in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan 2012 winner joins the new national jury

25 Feb 2014 | Myrzagaliyeva Anar Bazarovna, Quarry Life Аward 2012’s winner in Kazakhstan has accepted to join the national jury for the 2014 Edition of the Quarry Life Award in Kazakhstan .



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