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Birds in quarries and gravel pits - Flying gemstones and swift hunters

Orchids in quarries and gravel pits - Colourful queens of the plant kingdom

Dragonflies in quarries & gravel pits - The life of the quick and beautiful

Promotion of biodiversity at mineral extraction sites of HeidelbergCement - Guideline for Europe

Promotion of biodiversity at the mineral extraction sites of HeidelbergCement - Guidance Document for Asia & Oceania

Press & studies

Encouraging Biodiversity Conservation (06/2012)

Magazine: World Cement

Artenvielfalt und Sukzession (German)

Magazine: Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung

Optimising the Balance

Magazine: Mining Environmental Management October 2006

Quarrying adds to biodiversity


Sustainability indicators for integrated management of raw material and nature conservation - pilot project in the Schelklingen cement plant (4/2008)

Magazine: Cement International

Sowing trials for establishing woodland stands on untreated soils (4/2007)

Magazine: Cement International

Creating an idyllic nature site in a quarry - nature conservation and public relations as instruments of sustainable raw materials procurement (6/2004)

Magazine: Cement International

Improving on nature (Sept. 2010)

Magazine: Aggregates Business Europe

Heidelberg hosts sustainability summit (May / Jun 2010)

Magazine: Aggregates Business Europe

Quarries: an ideal place to promote Biodiversity (May 2010)

Magazine: World Cement

From Quarry to Tree Nursery (Jun 2011)

Magazine: World Cement

Sustainability pays off - experience from the Istein lime plant

Magazine: Cement International

A nature adventure trail around a quarry near Heidelberg, Germany