Winners of the Public Votes are known! Congratulations!

From March to September 2012, 80 students and researchers collected, tested and promoted their ideas to enhance biodiversity in our quarries. Due to the very high number of voters, HeidelbergCement decided to recognize the 5 most popular projects both for their contribution to nature and for their outreach to local communities and to the Quarry Life Award community.

Congratulations to our top 5 public vote winners!

The winners of each national contest will be revealed throughout the month of November. International winners will be announced on Friday 14th December 2012.


Transportable Biodiversity Centers Creation in Zheltokamenka Quarry

Researcher: Sergiy Smetana
Contest: Ukraine

This project has experimented with creating communities of rare and endangered steppe plants in artificial sockets with a good permeability as a way to speed up the development of habitats following closely behind mining activities.

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The scientific study assessment of Natura 2000 habitats and species to substantiation ecological reconstruction in the Lespezi Quarry

Researcher: Mariana Niculescu
Contest: Romania

This project has evaluated species and habitats, as well as anthropogenic effects resulting from the exploitation mining in the area of the quarry Lespezi. It is necessary to establish reference values for favorable conservation status.

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Biodiversity Shakh-Tau: educational and tourist potential and sustainable development

Researcher: Albert Shakirov
Contest: Russia

The project aims to explore opportunities of Shakh-Tau quarry, its recreational and educational potential while preserving biodiversity and traces of extinct species. Students groups will be toured through the quarry in testing the best educational paths and information.

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Gravel pits: Biology and engineering for pollination - The pollinator diversity is a warranty of biodiversity and efficiency in restoration

Researcher: Jacobo Maldonado González
Contest: Spain

The main goal of this project is to improve biodiversity through the establishment of green corridors capable of maintaining their own living communities and enabling communication between similar or complementary habitats separated by farms, making these somehow "transparent" for small and medium size species.

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A comprehensive inventory of fauna and flora of the Mine “Szczytniki” and preparation guidelines for rehabilitation

Contest: Poland

The end of extraction creates the possibility of new land for a great number of plants and animals species allowing them to adapt to a suitable habitat. Detailed botanical, entomological, ornithological, herpetological and chiropterological surveys provide data for developing a closure plan to maximizes the sites biodiversity potential.

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