Winners of the international contest 2012


Sand pit for Biodiversity at Cep II quarry

Contest: Czech Republic

The Czech Republic land reclamation policies require that after use mining sites must be reclaimed to their original use, i.e. to forests or agricultural use. This project compares the effect of technical reclamation and spontaneous succession on the communities of vascular plants and assemblages of arthropods in abandoned areas of the sand pit. It also studies the experimental restoration of psammophytic grasslands, started in 2009.

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The potentials of Pennisetum purpureum as a biological geotextile in stabilizing slopes to promote biodiversity in reclaiming quarry sites

Contest: Ghana

Most of the mining companies in Ghana fail to stabilise slopes during the initial stages of re-vegetating their quarries. Sometimes siltation of rivers and streams by sediments being washed from the hills and gullies of the bare soils lead to pollution and flooding of the rivers and streams. Biodiversity in the aquatic ecosystem together with its environment is therefore jeopardised. This project focuses on using a locally produced biological geotextile to stabilize the slopes for rehabilitation.

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Restoration of Quarry Silt Lagoons for Wading Birds

Contest: United Kingdom

Wading birds have declined across Europe as the intensification of lowland agriculture has caused severe habitat destruction and degradation. Aggregates extraction sites present areas of exposed fine sediments deposited as waste material in silt lagoons which could recreate lost wader habitat. This project explores the value of silt lagoons for wading birds by investigating sediment composition, invertebrate food availability and monitoring bird activity at Wykeham quarry.

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