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Get inspired by succesfull projects improving biodiversity in mining quarries.

Designing a Geo-Ecology and Education nature trail.

North AmericaQuarry Life Award 20141st prize (National contest)
we are geologists

Geological Field Trainings for Future Geologists / საველე გეოლოგიური პრაქტიკა მომავალი გეოლოგებისთვის

GeorgiaQuarry Life Award 2014

Migratory waterbirds life improvement in Slatioara pit. Case study: Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra)

RomaniaQuarry Life Award 2014

Mining and Biodiversity Comics Publishing to the Elementary School Students Around Mine Areas

IndonesiaQuarry Life Award 20141st prize (National contest)
2nd prize (Public contest)

Quarries as an element of ecological education of modern youth - Карьеры как элемент экологического воспитания и образования современной молодежи

UkraineQuarry Life Award 20142nd prize (National contest)

The Territory of Quarry as the Depositary for Rare Plants and Basis for Environmental Education - Территория карьера как депозитарий для редких растений и...

UkraineQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (National contest)

Educational, Innovative and Attractive Quarry Biodiversity Museum

TanzaniaQuarry Life Award 20161st prize (National contest)

Geospatial Assessment Of Biodiversity Changes Around The Yongwa Quarry Site

GhanaQuarry Life Award 20163rd prize (National contest)

Determining the Best Soil Enrichment Method for Reclamation at Yongwa Quarry using ANOVA Technique

GhanaQuarry Life Award 20161st prize (National contest)
1st prize (Public contest)