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Get inspired by succesfull projects improving biodiversity in mining quarries.

Youth view at quarry nature

RussiaQuarry Life Award 2014Biodiversity and Education Award (International contest)
1st prize (National contest)

Wildlife return at the quarry "Břidla“ – possibilities of natural habitat restoration / Příklady možností obnovy přírodního prostředí lomu Mokrá

Czech RepublicQuarry Life Award 20141st prize (National contest)

Walhalla Kalk Steinbruch-Important substitute habitat for endangered cavity nesting birds / Walhalla Kalk Steinbruch-Ein Ersatzlebensraum für gefährdete...

GermanyQuarry Life Award 2014

Valorization of the natural environment, the educational and pro-ecological activities in the area of the Nowogród Bobrzański Natural Resources Mine

PolandQuarry Life Award 2014

Tovačovský štěrk pro krajinu - krajina pro lidi / Gravel to landscape - landscape for people

Czech RepublicQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (National contest)

The value of quarry restoration at Whatley quarry to local ecological networks by the University of the West of England.

United KingdomQuarry Life Award 2014

The use of vermicompost as treatment for topsoil in restoring biodiversity

GhanaQuarry Life Award 2014Innovation and Biodiversity Award (International contest)
1st prize (National contest)
1st prize (Public contest)

The triumph of nature/Торжество природы

RussiaQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (National contest)

The Territory of Quarry as the Depositary for Rare Plants and Basis for Environmental Education - Территория карьера как депозитарий для редких растений и...

UkraineQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (National contest)