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Get inspired by succesfull projects improving biodiversity in mining quarries.

Can stone quarries contribute to preservation of endagered species in ephemeral water bodies?

Northern EuropeQuarry Life Award 20142nd prize (National contest)

Improving the biodiversity of an interconnected gravel pit lake system, Barton-under-Needwood Quarry, Staffordshire, UK: initial recommendations based on site...

United KingdomQuarry Life Award 20122nd prize (National contest)

Investigation of the potential of new lakes at Barton quarry as aquatic biodiversity hotspots by Loughborough University and University College London

United KingdomQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (National contest)

Relevance of pond systems in the increase of biodiversity in a quarry: “La Medina” / Importancia de los sistemas lagunares en el incremento de la biodiversidad...

SpainQuarry Life Award 20144th prize (Public contest)
quarry "Bely Kolodets" recultivation zone

Study the biodiversity of soil animals (meso- and macrofauna) in the open-cast mine "Bely Kolodets"

RussiaQuarry Life Award 20122nd prize (National contest)

Using an alternative method to assess the species diversity of rehabilitated sites

AustraliaQuarry Life Award 20162nd prize (National contest)

Analyzing the role of earthworms to improve soil drainage and biodiversity at Wazo Hill Quarry (WHQ)

TanzaniaQuarry Life Award 2016

Ecological Modelling of Species Richness for measuring restoration Success in Wazo Hill Quarry

TanzaniaQuarry Life Award 20162nd prize (National contest)

Restoration of Biodiversity using Voandzeia subterranea(Bambara beans)

GhanaQuarry Life Award 2016