« Quarry Oasis» (Georgia QLA 2012) continues its work

More new "inhabitants"
In March 2013, researchers planted 500 trees and bushes of 12 kinds in biopots, with the support of the company. Training and strengthening of plants has been carried out according to the technique they had developed on a place of making of biopots. In June, a first part of the developed plants (300 pieces) have been relocated to the clay quarries of Kaspi and Gardabani. The remaining plants (200 pieces) will be replanted in the end of October.

The research done during the second year have a semi experimental character, as this year there is a possibility to conduct supervision in two directions:

  1. To reveal the kinds of plants and bushes which are best adapted for the development by the given method in the given conditions .
  2. To reveal the best period for replanting plants grown in biopots into the chosen place (the beginning of spring or autumn). This will give us the chance to better plan performance of works according to the periods.

The so-called “effective micro-organisms” participating in soil developing processes have been applied at the beginning of the experiment. Their repeated entering is planned at the beginning of October. Along with the biopots, the organic and green manures have been transferred in the quarry, as a green manure crop of plants. Thanks to the humidification of plants and other conditions created by the researchers to enhance their development, researchers hope to reach positive results of the whole project.

The author of the project:
Researcher Nanuli Khosroshvili
The Georgian Technical University