North America
Sechelt, British Columbia
Quarry Life Award 2014

Designing a Geo-Ecology and Education nature trail.

Education and raising awareness

Designing+constructing a geo-ecology and education nature trail at the quarry.

With this trail visitors get an insight of bedrock,soil,terrain shaping,water, climate, vegetation,fauna in correlation between primary origin of the Coastal Mountains (Cordillera+Wrangellia) also as the formation of the inlets and Vancouver Island. Important is an advice+link to the coastal climate+Cold Rain Forest.

The Trail passes geological and ecological spots (such as a few of the bedrock/soil bedding+different rock types) and shows+explains the visitors the realized reconstruction of the rain forest+habitat projects done by the company.

If possible the trail will pass an original part of the Cold Rain Forest to show the nature before the mining started. The trail will be designed after an inspection of the quarry terrain and in cooperation with the Geology Dep. at the University of B.C.,Vancouver. Students will be integrated (course achievement) to design the route and prepare relevant information for visitors.

A container at the entrance of the quarry is used as the starting point and there is a general introduction and safety advice. Visitors get helmet and reflective vests there.