North America
19221 High Rock Road, 98272 Monroe
Quarry Life Award 2021

Native Pollinators: Who are these guys and what do they want?

Biodiversity management
Education and raising awareness
Landscape management
Nature based solutions

We propose development of a self-guided Pacific Northwest Native Pollinator Trail (PNNPT) on a portion of the High Rock Quarry site near the city of Monroe in Snohomish County, Washington, USA. Utilizing a strategic plan to maximize space and terrain, the three-acre target area will be developed and planted with a mosaic of native plants to create a habitat ideal for supporting our native pollinators’ food, nesting, and overwintering requirements.

With easy access from a main highway, ample parking, and ADA access, the trail will include explanatory signage telling the story of our pollinators, the plants and habitats that support them, as well as their importance to nearby farms and the Coast Salish peoples who inhabited these lands from time immemorial.

The loop trail is a first step towards a much larger objective; eventual reclamation of the High Rock Quarry site as a multi-functional community asset and natural area while completing its direct connection to the last section to be developed of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail (SVT), which runs adjacent to the quarry site. The SVT is a 32-mile regional trail that follows the historic route of the early 20th century trains that connected the entire Snoqualmie Valley from the city of Monroe, WA to beyond North Bend, WA.

The PNNPT will educate and inspire our community, visitors, and trail users on the value and needs of our native pollinators.