Muratbey Limestone Quarry


Muratbey limestone quarry is located in Catalca, Istanbul and 2 Mtons/year of limestone have been extracted from the quarry. The mining licensed area around 195.15 Ha. and the extraction permit area is 120.32 Ha. Mining land is belongs to our company. There are 8 benches on the quarry. There is a one big water pond which is used for de-dusting purposes such as; water spraying of mining roads. There is a river next to the quarry which is connected to the Buyukcekmece lake.

Habitat, flora & fauna description

There is a transition climate between Mediterranean and Blacksea conditions around the Marmara region. Therefore; there is a warm climate and the main flora is maquis around the region. Weeds & shrubs are existing in the run out mine parts of the quarry benches. Moreover; in the water pond, some fishes and frogs are living. Invertebrates, reptiles, mammals and birds are the other main types of animal species around the region. Partridges are the most precious birds in this area.