Osnovnoy quarry (marl)

The quarry Osnovnoy is a marl mining quarry. Marl layer is covered with unusable marl and mineral loam, which are overburden. The opened area is 637 ha. More than 70% of the quarry is mined. An overburden dump and hydro dump are located at the eastern area of quarry.

The quarry Osnovnoy is located in the south-eastern part of the Donetsk region in Amvrosievka district. Coordinates of quarry centre are N 47º 49' 14" E 38º 29' 47". The river Krynka flows 3.5 km east from the quarry. The quarry is located between urban village Novoamvrosievskoye and Amvrosievka. The distance from the quarry boundary to inhabited locality is 0.6 and 0.9 km respectively. Railroad station Amvrosievka of railway line Donetsk –Taganrog - Rostov Don is located 0.8 km south from the quarry.

Habitat, flora & fauna description

The opened area of the quarry is a habitat of different kind of animals and plants. The steep faces are important living spaces for wagtails, tomtits, bee-eaters and European rollers. The lake in the central of the quarry is a habitat for e.g. birds and ducks. Wild boars and roe deer have been observed on the hydro dump.

The following biotopes are present here (plus surrounding): Degraded steppe vegetation, deciduous mixed woodland, degraded Steppe with shrubberies, grassland/grazing land with fruit-trees and single trees, reeds with partial sparse shrubbery of willows, reeds with shrubbery of willows, steep faces and a lake.