After four months of intense voting, the results are in! The top three most popular projects for the third edition of the Quarry Life Award are….

No 1: Determining the Best Soil Enrichment Method for Reclamation at Yongwa Quarry using ANOVA Technique - Ghana (4062 votes)

No 2: Exploring Calotropis gigantea’s potential as a cost-effective ameliorant in clay pit rehabilitation - Indonesia (3200 votes)

No 3: i-Drive [Identification of Drought Resistant Vegetation] - Indonesia (2430 votes)

Congratulations to the project teams on running such fantastic projects and promoting them so well!

The final reports for these projects (and all the other projects for this edition) will be available on the website in the coming weeks. For now, however, you can look back at the teams' work via their project pages where you will find lots of updates and informative videos chronicling their research.