Our international winners 2016 talk about their participation to Quarry Life Award and explain their projects scope. Let's get inspired by their work!

Grand Prize winner

"Linking quarries and their surroundings by restoration ecology for semi-aquatic mammals" 
by Rocío de Torre Ceijas, Daniel Martín Collado, Maria Dolores Jiménez, Lucas de Torre Ceijas, from Spain

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Habitat & Species Research Award

"Study of Arthropod and Earthworm Diversity as a Bioindicator for Reclamation Success"
by Wahyudi Nelvianto, Zulfikar Ali Akbar, Dendy Suryo Abaddy, Hafsah Ainu Zakhrof and Tubagus Samudra Cahaya, from Indonesia

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Biodiversity Management Award

"Optimizing wetland functions to local conditions in connection to quarries"
by Emma Svahn, Sandra Nilsson, Markus Hall, from Sweden

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Education and Raising Awareness Award

"Biodiversity in space and time"
by Yanina Dmitrakova, Alina Tarasova, Ivan Alekseev, from Russia   

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Beyond Quarry Borders Award

"Stepping ponds: enhancement of connectivity for amphibians in riverside gravel pits"
by Daniel Gómez de Zamora Martínez, Verónica Cruz, César García, Fernando Viñegla, from Spain

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Student Project Award

"Nature only works together - Students “understand” the insects and biodiversity"
by Evangelische Grundschule Holzdorf - from Germany

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Congratulations again to all who participated in this year's Quarry Life Award.
Remember, nature is the biggest winner and, as Patricia Zurita, BirdLife International CEO said, "when nature wins, people win too".