Due to their appetite for insect pests, micro-bats are valuable assistants when it comes to securing and increasing agricultural and forest productivity. The financial value of their work is estimated to billions of dollars per year.

But the micro bats are threatened by a deadly disease called the White Nose Syndrome – a fungus that grows optimally between 12.5 and 15.8°. An estimated six to seven million micro bats have already been lost to this syndrome in Eastern Canada.

A Canadian QLA team, consisting of students from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, therefore designed a thermally optimal roosting box that stabilizes its temperature and hence impedes the growth of the fungus.

For delivering such an innovative way of protecting this species, the International Jury chose the team as the winner of the category “Biodiversity Management" in the Research Stream.   

Watch the winners' video to see how the students describe their QLA project.