As İzmir Private Çakabey Schools Project Club students, we are attending the Quarry Life contest with our innovative idea for the Bozalan clay quarry. Despite being very rich in clay reserves, this area severely lacks biodiversity. In our club studies, we have decided that both vertical and horizontal plantation will be the most effective method to implement and ensure succession. The naturally layered structure of the region is very suitable for such an application. We will dig deep holes on the horizontal layers. Each will be planted with Maqui tree samplings. The vertical surfaces will be covered with felt which is a landscaping material and will be planted vertically.

Vertical planting is an innovative technique that allows stone walls or dry surfaces to be turned in to green and living areas. In our preparatory field studies, we have discovered that the naturally growing plant type there, are Mediterranean medicinal plants.Lastly, we will stabilize the seeds filled felt on the vertical surface. 

Watering will be ensured with natural rain and such ways, supported by a perforated water pipe throughout the system. Thus the felt will be dampened and the medicinal plant roots will germinate, grow first within and then out the felt layers. In addition, the system could also be nutritionally supplemented via the perforated pipe. As a result, through time and hard work, the area will be green, and biodiversity will be regained.