After weeks of planning and discussing, we have finally begun our project! For about 10 weeks, we’ll be testing the water quality of a constructed dam, and the current wetland, which receives water from the quarry in Degerhamn. We will be sending off water samples to a company which will test it for nitrogen compounds as well as phosphorous compounds. We will also be checking the waters turbidity, pH, conduction, oxygen, and temperature. Some of this will be done in the laboratory which is provided by Linnéuniversitetet (Linnaeus university), and some will be tested out in the field with equipment which the university kindly lent to us during this period.
At the end of the testing period, we’ll be conducting a survey of the species which live around the dam and current wetlands.
The purpose of this testing is to evaluate the quality of the water, and submit a proposal for a multipurpose wetland which can hopefully be adapted to other quarries. Wetlands are an important biotope for many species, but it’s also an important feature in removing excessive nutrients. This is very important on Öland and other coastal areas since the excessive nutrients can seep into the Baltic Sea, which is already suffering from eutrophication.
You will be able to follow us during our process and hopefully you’ll find the project as interesting as we do!