Another week with new experiences and project progression has passed. Tuesday 10th, the three of us was invited to meet the environmental managers from HeidelbergCement in Northern Europe and participate in their meeting. It was such a pleasure to be invited and we had a really good time! It was a perfect day (sunshine and 23° C) for a lunch and tour in the quarry. We got to see some interesting species of flowers (orchids; see picture) and birds (Eurasion coot/Fulica atra and Red necked grebe/Podiceps grisegena, Sand Martin/Riparia riparia etc.). A big thanks to everybody involved and especially to Cementa and HeidelbergCement for a wonderful day!Our weekly sampling was carried out on Wednesday 11th. So fun to see the alvar landscape going thru the seasonal changes from winter to spring. We got some company by a leech and Western march harrier (Circus aeruginosus), amongst others, during our visit in the quarry.Coming up soon:An algal cultivation will be up and running soon to examine the nutrients availability and what nutrient is limiting the growth in the constructed dam. This is important to know when considering the biodiversity and the design of a constructed wetland. More information and pictures will soon be provided.