Two very different biotopes were studied this time.
First, we have prospected the borders of the main road. It is amazing that we have found there numerous snails and slugs, while the walls and event the plants were covered by dust !
Next, we have explored the woods close to the road, where we found typical snails of the forest.

The result of this walk is indeed very good, finding some species we already knew from our first walk, but especially giving 10 additional species :

Aegopinella nitidula - Smooth Glass Snail
Arion rufus - Red Slug
Arion vulgaris - Spanish slug
Cepaea hortensis - White-lipped Banded Snail
Clausilia bidentata - Two Toothed Door Snail
Cochlodina laminata - Plaited Door Snail
Discus rotundatus - Garden Disk Snail
Monachoides incarnatus - Incarnate Snail
Oxyloma elegans - Pfeiffer's Amber Snail
Pomatias elegans - Round-mouthed Snail

So, these two first explorations gave the result of 22 snails and slugs species. Some of them are very common, most of them are a good health of the environment indicators and one is considered as a pest.
Such a high biodiversity level is very encouraging for the next prospectings !