We, Kristina and Synne Sofie, both graduate students at the University of Life Sciences in Norway, are happy to say hello to everybody who wants to know more about our project at the Bjørntvet quarry in Norway. The project deals primary with biodiversity in the quarry, as well as with the process of nature rehabilitation or ecological restoration.
We will map the nature in the quarry area according to the Norwegian mapping system/concept called Natur i Norge (Nature in Norway, NiN), focusing primarily on flora. We will also make a survey on fauna as much as it will be possible. After that we will study the process of natural revegetation in closed quarry layers, trying to find out how successful the rehabilitation is managed so far. In addition, we are planning to make an overview on the importance of the quarry area for Porsgrunn city and local communities. It is just the beginning of June, we are almost done our exams at the university and are preparing for the field work at the quarry. Behind us there are weeks with litterature research, pondering over method and planning of the whole process.
We will keep sharing our thoughts and the progress of our work with you in the weeks to come!

Kristina and Synne Sofie