Last friday (3rd of June) we visited the Bjørntvet quarry for the very first time. There we were warmly met by the quarry surveyor, Brita Cecillie Mustad. Over a cup of coffee, kindly provided by Brita, we briefly shared our thoughts and plans for the project. Brita answered all our questions and organized a short tour around the quarry. At that sunny day the quarry was quiet and therefore charming, decorated with birds' songs. Lush vegetation at the upper levels contrasted with brown-grey rough stones, and the blue sky was reflected in shallow puddles at the bottom of the quarry. We realized that we look forward to the fieldwork and yearn to know more about the nature at and around the quarry. The way home to Oslo was filled by new discussions and ideas about the project, as well as preparations for the meeting with Carolyn on Tuesday.
P.S. And now you also know how we look like. ;)

Synne Sofie and Kristina