June has been a very busy month for the project. At the start of June two of us drove down to Degerhamn to meet with Dr. Carolyn Jewell and present to her our thesis results and what we plan on doing for the project report. We got lots of helpful feedback and discussed some more with the plant manager and environmental manager about what would be best for the project. Then we travelled to Gotland for a Slite site visit guided by their environmental engineer. We started off by asking questions and gaining perspectives of how they actually use their guidelines and what solutions they would like to see. (We spoke mainly with two people). We drove to old quarries to see how natural succession has occured compared to human restoration projects in the newer quarries. We saw some water tests, blasting, and more. This site visit showed us the differences and similarities between Degerhamn and Slite for their needs from this project and how they do things. It will certainly improve the quality, feasibility, and useability of the project report.