At the moment, we are very busy analysing all data and writing the final reports, but simultaneously having a good time integrating the collected information.
In this post, we would like to share some results about the connectivity analysis for otters, which have been undertaken to generate connectivity indicators of the territory using Conefor software. This approach has allowed us to analyse the role of the quarry lagoons in the water network for this semiacuatic mammal, taking into account different time and spatial scales.
The extraction of materials in the quarry has generated new aquatic habitats for colonization of different species from the early 90s to recent times. We compared the scenarios before and after the existence of the lagoons at small (104km2) and large (724km2) scales, using the aerial photos of 1986 and 2014 (see the attached maps). The results showed that the presence of quarry lagoons enhanced the connectivity for Europeans otters in 17.4% at small scale and 4.4% at large scale.
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