1. Assessment of the radiation state of the quarry. Monitoring of radiation state of the quarry was conducted at station No 3. The average radiation gamma was 0.24 µSv/h at the territory of the "Baltabay" quarry.The results of the radiation state are stable; It gives us the opportunity to continue project works.
2. Hydrochemical water analysis of Turgen river. Hydrological monitoring was conducted at station No. 2. The results obtained from station No.1 (right tributary) have shown that water is suitable for domestic use and irrigation. The results from station No.2 (left tributary) have shown that the level of contamination is high. This is due to the influence of anthropogenic and technogenic factors at the source of the river.
The results of research are presented in the form of infographic. Implementation of project and practical work are done by young professionals.