Mon, 19/09/2016 - 15:55

It all started last week, when we organized a meeting and we prepared our speeches and planned how the exhibition will go. From Monday to Wednesday this week, we met every day after school and prepared the room for our needs - we brought tables for some snacks we were about to prepare, we brought some chairs in case some elderly people would like to sit down for a while and we also installed panels with our photos, which were surely one of the most important parts of our exhibition.

When Thursday came, I think I'm right if I say that every single one of us was beyond nervous. We didn't know how many people will show up and how the exhibition will turn out. We concluded our last preparations and the people slowly started coming. There were far more people than all of us expected, so we were very pleased, but also a little bit more nervous, as we were about to stand in front of everyone and present our project in a simple, but interesting way and give the visitors the best insight into out work and progress.

Thankfully, we managed it well and it seems that even the visitors were completely satisfied, as we were told later on. We're thrilled that our exhibition met with such success and that we made an impression even on our headmaster, who also had some nice words for us. We'd like to thank everyone, who came and showed us some support, we truly appreciate it!