Thu, 29/09/2016 - 19:20

The final report is sent. The lookout is built. The photo gallery is finished. We are done. It's over. A vision that on the beginning seemed like an unreachable goal has become our everyday story for almost six months. This contest has become a huge part of our life, both at school and in our free time. Seeing everything done brings joy and pride to our hearts.
As students of grammar school, we usually see contests as an opportunity for clever students to show their intelligence and measure it with others. However, is diametrically different kind of contest. It is not based on the knowledge you have, but on teamwork and enthusiasm that you put into. I believe that if you have a great bunch of people, who can productively cooperate, communicate, discuss and who share excitement, enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge and experience as we do, you can achieve anything you want.

We'd like to thank everyone, who has helped us with our project - no matter if it's our biologist, our geography teachers, everyone from the Opatovice Quarry, people, who came to our exhibition, our helpful and tolerant families or you, readers of our updates. Thank you all and we send our farewells.