Mon, 03/10/2016 - 17:54

With this budget, we have executed the entire project, including a special request of the jury, received at the meeting held on the 12th September at the headquarters of Hanson Heidelberg CementGroup.
The extra documentation elaborated has been a Self-Guided Tour of the Countryside for teachers, designed for a visit to any gravel pit operated under phreatic level. It is available in the annex to this document and whose structure is as follows:

 Front page and introduction
 Contents: itinerary to be made in the gravel pit crossing the four phases of the exploitation along with a description of each one: extraction area, treatment area, area in restoration and restored area after a 15-year period of ecological succession.
 Back page: safety standards and recommendations in order to respect the environment.

Due to the fact that this brochure is perfectly complemented by the educational project, we have made a budget adjustment, to cover the generated expenditure, which we consider necessary to achieve the main purpose of the project.
We would like to conclude that the budgeted amounts have been able to assume all costs, adjusting the maximum to achieve quality and efficiency required.