We had eventful day at 16.02 presenting our project, and previous work and experiences to the representatives of Kunda Nordic Tsement. We had interesting and long discussion about how decisions about quarry rehabilitation have been made so far and how we could improve decisions-making in cooperation with stakeholders. After the meeting we visited three quarries:
Aru-Lõuna limestone (largest limestone quarry in Estonia),
Mereäärne clay quarry (deepest terrestrial point in Estonia), and
Ubja oil shale quarry (smallest oil shale quarry in Estonia)
In addition to human representatives, we also met some animal representatives in the quarries — deer in the Ubja rehabilitated area, and ducks in Aru-Lõuna. We got to know local situations and and enjoyed freezing weather and snowy landscapes. To complement clay and limestone quarries, we were discussing to add also Ubja oil shale quarry to the project.