Wed, 28/02/2018 - 10:19


Our names are Martina and Petra and we are third year students of Gymnázium Matyáše Lercha. We have learned about this project through our literature teacher professor Zajíček. It caught our eye at the first glance, so we went for it. Within two weeks we were handing in the final application project and now we are one of the final six ‘proposed projects’ in the Czech Republic.

Even thought we had a short time to prepare, we think that our idea is very interesting and innovative and therefor will be successful. In our team we don’t have any sett roles, we just bounce our ideas of each other.  As organizers of this project we don’t only want the participants to have fun. We are also looking for us having grate time creating this game too. Both of us are involved in variety of youth clubs therefor we have got rich experience in making up games and organizing children activities.

We hope that our project caught your eye and you will be eager to see our progress.
Well done for Cementik!