Success or failure of any aquaculture venture largely depends on the right selection of the site for it. In choosing a site several factors other than the physical aspect of the site are to be considered. These factors along with the various types of culture sites and systems,. The factors to be considered cut through various disciplines and range from socio-economic aspects of aquaculture to all the physico-chemical and biological conditions of the environment;
The objectives of aquaculture could be to produce whole-some nutritious food for local consumption.
The technical and non-technical considerations for site selection are discussed, are as shown under:-

Socio-economic, political and legal factors

Climatic factors

Main environmental factors.

The environmental factors can be further subdivided, for discussion:

2. Main environmental factors:
Topography and ground elevations


Water supply, quantity and dynamics

Physical and chemical features of Water


Fouling/availability of spat (for mollusc culture)

Type and density of vegetation

3. Socio-economic considerations
We shall, however, refer to certain relevant points which should be considered for the selection of site.

They are socio-economic aspects such as. infrastructure facilities; accessibility and nearness to market; and also costs and availability of construction materials.