Thu, 08/03/2018 - 16:45

This dismanting site concerns to a sand and gravel dismantling site where the comany Heidelberger Sand und Kies GmbH wins her raw materials sine 1964.
In a year approx 400,000 tonnes are diminished with a layer comany by a total 6-8 employees. The location diminishes the sand with the wet dimantling from the quarry pond with a suction excavator up to a depth of 30metres. the diminieshed sand is used for concrete or e.g., fort he lime sandstone industry.
The dismantling of raw materials means in general an intervention in the nature and the scenery. So Heidelberger sand and gravel goes forward with the production very carefully and considers the existing biodiversitx of the dismantling site. Some animals and plants profit from the big nummer of the living spaces whichare orginated by the dismantling operations, e.g. fence lizards, bank swallows, wild bees and many other kinds of animals have settled.
The natural fauna and Flora is promoted by the preservation and creation more a new of valuable living spaces in the surroundings.

With this project we would like to support the natural occurence of the different wild bee’s kinds.