Thu, 08/03/2018 - 16:28

In Waghäusel I was arranged with the works manager Mr. Beyerle for the llunch. We spoke about some topics. For example why I am interested at my age in such a project and have taken part in the competition. Then I reported him to my project idea and how I think to be able to move this. We moved for the lunch with a pickup truck the area of the dismantling site, so that Mr. Beyerle could show me the wide-flat dismantling site.

With the inspection of the big area, we looked for a suitable place for the future wild beehive and the matching wild flower measdow. There were two surfaces for the choice. For me it was quickly clear on which surface I will decide and we fixed the meadow.
After the inspection we discussed about the safety measures for the children, so that the necessary safety measures areguaranteed. ideas were exchanged and collected.
When I left, Mr. Beyerle accompanied me to the car, we said goodbye and I took the last sunraves with on the way back.