- Maintain a 1, 5 foot depth of water in the pond especially in the dry season when the water levels usually drop. When the water level is at least 1.5 feet, the birds can easily drown in the water if they try to enter the pond.

- Patrol the ponds once in a while so that any birds that may have flown near the pond side are scared away. Small children would enjoy chasing away these birds in their free time, so ask them to.

The Marabou storks hunt in groups and each of them eats many small, medium and big sized fish. Because they move in a group they are very destructive in a short time

The Hammerkop and the egrets both eat many of the small fish called fry (of between 1 - 3 cm long) and fingerlings (of between 3- 7 cm long)

The Egrets wait by the pond side for water levels to drop before eating the fish

- The grass around the pond should be cut short so that there is no place for the animals to hide and eventually come out to eat the fish.

- Many animals come out at night to eat the fish. You can set traps like poisoned fish for them to eat.

- Some scarecrows of dead animals keep the others animals away because they will come to know that there is danger near the pond when they see one of them dead.

A python mainly eats the adults in a pond. You can discourage it from coming near your pond by planting tobacco, which smells like fire. Snakes do not like this smell,