Point count Systematic Sampling Method was used and permanent counting points were be established with 50m radius and 100m apart (Jankowski et al., 2009), first point was established randomly. While standing at the center, identification of birds and counting was done by listening to sounds of birds and observing. Upon arriving at a point, 5 minutes was provided for the birds to settle in case of any disturbances and unusual circumstances (Bryan et al., 1984). Ten minutes was used to count and record all birds observed and heard within the established 50m radius (Terborgh et al. (1990) and Robinson et al., (2000). Unidentified calls were recorded using a digital voice recorder for further identification. Binoculars were used to get a closer view. Camera was used to take photographs for further more identification and accuracy. Since birds are active in the Morning the study was done at 0600 to 1030 hours. (Bennum and Howell 2002). Birds were identified to the species level and their taxonomic groups using the field guides (Stevenson and Fanshawe, 2002). Date, bird species, number, habitat type and location, tree species, number of nests, Data collectors, and their ecological information were recorded.