Gaskell Sand Quarry is located in Perth- Western Australia, it's the biggest quarry around the Australia. On the 23rd of April we conducted the first time site induction and also site view. Everything is going well and it's all well managed by Gaskell Sand Quarry Team. Gaskell Sand Quarry has a lots of rehabilitation area, and each are in different years. And every years has a very unique progress and biodiversity. There's about 27 area of rehabilitation and also restoration. All of it is due to the progress of Quarry biodiversity richness and management . In connection to our research project we are aim to find a potential of soil Arthropods in use for nature bio indicators of restoration development. Every years there's a lot of diversity which is uncounted, so here is our duty to identify the diversity of species. And relate with their function as a natures biggest decomposer and a bio indicators of environmental factors, we will try to measure the richness, and dominance index of any species in each of the site.

Gaskell Sand Quarry has three major kind of sands, it's the white sand of silica, yellow sand, and the top soil. All of those kind of sands is definitely has a major impact to the soil Arthropods population in each of different soil composition. Here's the soil arthropods could be a potentially of the nature weapon that we can use to find out which is the best of mineral sands sources area, identified from the soil compositions.