Today we had nice day in Sagadi manor house where annual environmental day of Kunda Nordic Cement took place. Beautiful great hall of the manor which can hold hundred people, was completely full of land resource, cement industry and environmental experts from various organisations in addition to personnel from KNC.

In the first half of the day we listened to presentations about environmental investments and improvements and their results. Afterwards we got to know more about the biodiversity measures and research done in the three quarries of KNC. We, as well as another Quarrylife project from Estonia by students from Tartu University, presented our projects and preliminary results. We got some very nice questions and feedback to our project and results so far. All that in the historic atmosphere.

Later we had an lovely and educational excursion in the Nature School and Forest Museum, both located on the manor grounds. After a well-earned nice lunch we also had some time to enjoy compelling and sunny nature in the manor park before heading back to the city.