Today, the Rybalsky quarry is the largest industrial object located in the Rapid part of the Dnieper. The boundaries reserved for the creation and enlargement of the Regional landscape park "Dniprovi Porogi" are directly adjacent to the territory of the Rybalsky quarry. In general, in the region of the landscape park, there are now 10 rural schools. Students of these schools may consider themselves indigenous inhabitants of the Dnieper Rapids. However, the majority of children living in villages near the Dnipro Rapids have so far been very little aware of the intention to create a regional landscape park in their area, the uniqueness of the nature surrounding them, the diversity of flora and fauna and the amazing geological secrets that hide their native land. Therefore, the very first task of our team is to visit rural schools, to meet teachers and students, to tell them about the Rybalsky quarry and about the Dnieper Rapids, to present our project "Botanical Excursions to the Rybalsky Quarry and the nearest geosites". Of the ten schools for the further participation in the project, five schools were selected: Bashmachanska, Viyskova, Mykil'ska-na-Dnipri, Kalynivska and Vasilivska-na-Dnipri. About our meetings with schoolchildren and teachers - in the following blog posts.