Geosite – a very valuable component of the natural heritage of the Dnieper Rapids. The diversity of local habitats in places where crystalline rocks are released to the surface, contributes to the formation of high natural biodiversity. In artificially created geosites, the diversity of ecotopes is complemented by new settlements that are not inherent in natural geosites. A comparative study of the species diversity of flora in natural and artificial geosites, encouraging students to analyze the causes that form the diversity of plants in quarries, is one of the main objectives of our project.
Within the area of the Dnieper Rapids, we identified more than 70 geosites. Not all of them are accessible for visiting and research with children. Therefore, during the spring of 2018, our team has selected five representative geosites for further excursions, which will be of interest to children on the one hand, and on the other – achievable for walking excursions. In particular, we plan to visit Granite outcrops along the Bashmachka River with children from Bashmachanska school, with the Vyiskova and Kalinivska schools – Kamiano-Zubilivsky quarry, and from Mykilska – to Stones in Zhucha ravine. With the schoolchildren from the school in Vasilivka-na-Dnipri, we will visit Granite outcrops along the Dnieper River just in the village, and for the students from Pridneprovsk we selected the Rocks at Old Ogrin. The secrets of each of the geosites will soon be discovered during excursions.