Sat, 23/06/2018 - 08:19

Hello everybody!
We didn‘t write some news about us such a long time, but we are still working on it so hard!
A few days ago we had a meeting with international juror Shane Sparg and we feel very good about it. Shane is a very kind and positive person with very good ideas!
After planning and thinking about the concept of our trail we decided to change the concept a little bit.
The trail won’t be „hide“ trail with quests anymore but we gave the family the whole route of a trail. The „visible“ route will be more comfortable for the parents, who will exactly know where they going and how long it take. That’s why we focused on content of stops. This content brings added value to the quarry. We wrote fairy tales on each stop. Most are about the endangered species from the quarry. Some are about production and mining of lime stone. We were really hard work, but the result is awesome!
Well done for Cementík!