Pond culture of tilapia is conducted with a variety of inputs such as agricultural by-products (brans, oil cakes, vegetation and manures), inorganic fertilisers and feed.

In monoculture tilapia systems, animal manures provide nutrients that stimulate the growth of protein-rich phytoplankton, which is consumed by filter feeding Nile tilapia. The nutrient content of manures varies. Cowdung much lower nutrient levels compared to duck and chicken manure.
Obtaining sufficient nutrient levels from manures poses a danger of oxygen depletion from excessive loading of organic matter. Therefore, a combination of manures with inorganic fertilisers is used in low-input production systems.

For our System Tilapia depends on Natural feed, from fertilised water and supplemental feed

Feeding is done twice daily at the young stage we feed 10% of their body weight, in powder form. With the following components that favours growth at young stage of development to juvenile.