During the week, together with our coordinators and the teachers and students from High School No. 6 we went to KSM (Nowogród Bobrzański local mine) in order to carry out a previously prepared field game.

The first task for the participants was to reach the gravel pit using GPS. After arriving at the designated place, the people who took part in the game had to familiarize themselves with the rules of the site in order to be able to move safely within the territory. After proper preparation, they received helmets and vests. The participants were divided into three groups of four.

The next task was devoted to a quiz (including health and safety questions). The students responsible for biological tasks prepared information on six medicinal plants growing there. The rest of the group had to remember the information about the plants and finally find and describe them.

Then they went to a small water reservoir. They received another challenge, namely to recognize the insect according to its description and find the place of its occurrence (in the KSM area).