Sat, 25/08/2018 - 19:13

Today our volunteers built a bird bath / reflection pool in the woodland feeding station - one of the finishing touches to our Quarry Life Award entry.

This will not only provide vital water for drinking and bathing for the birds, it's also designed to allow photographers to get arty shots of the birds with their reflections.

The base is also a bug hotel - constructed from gabions filled with paving slabs, bricks, roof tiles, gravel, wood and bamboo canes - all donated by our supporters. The structure also has plenty of crevices for small mammmals, reptiles and amphibians too.

The bath is not finished yet - we will spray it black, and add rocks and moss to hide the plastic tray and make it look more natural. We'll also let the grass grow long around the base to help it blend in.

We were joined again today by Ellie who is volunteering as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award.