After a hot summer vacation, schoolchildren visited Rybalsky Quarry again. Participants in the cognitive journey this time were students and teachers from villages Bashmachka, Viyskove and Kalinivka. In spite of the summer drought, which dried up the lush vegetation of the early summer in the last two months, even in semi-dry and sullen stems, it was possible to see the diverse and original species composition of the flora of the quarry. It was also interesting to highlight the common and distinctive floras of the Rybalsky Quarry compared to geosites surveyed by children earlier near their rural schools. The meeting with the members of the team of scientists of the Biological Faculty of the Dnipro National University was also informative (they, in parallel with us, is conducting a very interesting ecological experiment in Rybalsky Quarry). Well, of course, the main attraction of the quarry is the geological deposits of the warm Mandrykivske Sea. Here, each participant of the tour could feel like a real paleontologist and touch the 40 million years ago prehistory of his native land.