Tue, 01/03/2022 - 21:04

Climate Change
Trees planted at the area are adding much of Oxygen to the atmosphere and absorb Carbondioxide from the atmosphere this also has been observed when people are coming at the site and they are now free to sit and enjoy while getting good air and this leaves te earth good place to live while contribution to the carbon footprints in relation to climate change.

Community Greening
The project has been donating minimum of 30,000 trees each year to the community for greening activities and to this explanations please do not miss next week on Jokate Mwagelo Girls Seconday School greening program supported by Twiga Cement by donating 1000 trees this will help green the school.

Urban Ecology
With the study of living organisms including human and physical environment now Wazo Hill Quarry Rehabilitation Site have been most valuable study area for showing and displaying what we call a nature class. Not even normal class is really amazing and interesting when it comes to Youth Activities inclusive of hands on programs at the site when youth are having class with study of living organisms inclusive of plants and animals found at the site after rehabilitation and the existing changes observed from physical environment.

Do not miss booking for Nature Class session at Mikoko Nature Learning Class at Wazo Hill Quarry Site from April 2022 with 50+ youth activities with badges from Mikoko Development Foundation (found at https://yes.mikoko.or.tz/download.html )