Tue, 01/03/2022 - 20:55

With the following descriptions can add some few notes to your diary today of what Wazo Hill Quarry Rehabilitation Project has impacted,

Today 2022 is the days that the global suffering from climate change due to the development of science and technology but seems to be different from Tanzania Portland Cement Company Ltd (TPCC) shortly known as Twiga Cement by the public. The company has took different initiatives towards ensuring better world has started at Twiga Quarry Site, now despite of challenges of breathing lungs of Dar es Salaam that estimated to have high population by 2050 difference of today population and the population depends from Pugu, Kazimzumbwi and Vikindu Nature Forest that in addition to Wazo Hill Rehabilitated site will add value to the breating lungs of Dar es Salaam.

At today shot taken by Mr. Abas Adam as observed there are number of insects, birds, animals and life ecosystem existed at the area compared to the time after extraction of minerals from the site. The value of biodiversity has been growing richer that Twiga Cement has added to the site after extraction of limestone minerals.

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