Tue, 22/03/2022 - 04:25

For several years Tanzania Portland Cement Company Ltd (Twiga Cement) has been a leader in security of their workers at their work place. This has ensure high quality and standard in operation of any activity that has to take place at Twiga Cement work area.

OSHA trainees have been part of visitors at Twiga Quarry Site and they learned much about safety of human and nature in general. Trainees they observed the rehabilitation project done by Twiga Cement for the purpose of bring life to Twiga Quarry Site and ensure posible solution for the aim of maintain unique biodiversity at Wazo Hill Quarry Site.

Mr. Olais Raphael (QLA Contestant) presented about Quarry Life Award and welcome trainees to be part of the next competition for award winning and learning purposes while contributing to the biodiversity.

Twiga Cement welcome every stakeholders to learn more about Quarry Site and ensure sustainability of biodiversity at Quarry Sites and Gravel Pits.