Last Thursday we created a heap with parts of small trees that were cut down by beavers, sawdust, other plant matter and excessive dead organic matter from littoral zone of a pond. In this way we cleaned it of branches and leafs. Such composition usually provides great conditions for incubation of snakes' eggs. Therefore, we hope that local Grass Snakes will choose this structure for oviposition. Besides that, the rest of branches from fallen trees were used for other heaps that will provide additional shelters for small animals.

We also dug a small, shallow pond (about 3 square meters) to see if it will be inhabited by amphibians, by which species and in which sequence. In this way we increased number of fish-less and shallow water bodies that heat up quickly and can be used by amphibians.

Authors of photographs: Prof. B. Najbar, Dr. M. Wieczorek, M. Szkudlarek.