On April 30, we visited the quarry area with the representatives from Heidelberg Georgia Company, contestants, jury members and mountain trail specialists. We also got to know the projects of other participants. Together with the representatives of the company TRAILWATCH, we discussed the renewal, restoration and marking of the historical trail of Didgori - Zemo Nichbisi.

The 12.7-kilometer route with its characteristics has a great potential for planning an extreme descending path (DOWNHILL), which will connect Zemo Nichbisi to the recreational area of the trans quarry bike park.

Together with TRAILWATCH mountain biking specialists, we discussed the advantages of arranging a bike park on the quarry area and the prospects for the development of the unique terrain of Saskhori in this direction.

Our project foresees the arrangement of an international standards bike park in the quarry area. The practice of arranging a bike park on quarries results from the fact that the construction of a bicycle park itself causes an intrusion into the natural environment and creates a certain damage consequently. The arrangement of a bike park in the quarry area will reduce the encroachment of unimpaired natural resources on other territories and ensure the development of recreational areas within the bicycle park infrastructure.

Photo credit: TrailWatch