Wed, 14/09/2022 - 07:51

All participants, especially children and youth who visited Wazo Hill Quarry Site during the project implementation; they participated in the competition and they achieved to be awarded ""Creative Scientist" badge and also for all who participated to plant and grow trees at their home or school, they awarded "Tree Planter Level 5" badge.

For students who will achieve five badges through club service projects, they will be able to enter the competition. Group target is between age of 12 and 26 who will be secondary and university students; MDF see better to engage partners who might be important in this local competitions including government, Tanzania Porland Cement (PLC) and schools to make sure they are all part of the program.

This program will require just an online platform for students to register their projects and register clubs online that will be managed by Mikoko Developemnt Foundation (MDF) that would need one-time donation to the foundation, and this will be a self-funded program by which Twiga Cement logo will be there and always for more visibility.